Military Veteran Entrepreneur

Are You Starting an Online Business?

Have you heard?

  • The V.A. is only one of hundreds of business resources for Vets.
  • Business loans are available even without a business plan.
  • Selling products on the Internet doesn’t require a website.
  • The U.S. Government backs millions of dollars in loans for Vets.
  • Affiliate sites with huge independent sales forces can help you sell your product.
  • Marketing and advertising can cost nothing.
  • Websites and blogs can be setup for free.

Here’s the ebook with all that information and more:

 Military Veteran Entrepreneurs:
Your Guide to Launching An
Online Business

45 Pages of Business Resources for Veterans

The Basics of Starting an Online Business with No Money
(And Where to Find Funding If You Need It)

Leads on the Hundreds of Benefits Provided by the U.S. Government, and Nonprofit and Private Organizations

There is no other business resource like this.

Military Veteran Entrepreneurs lists benefits ONLY
available to Veterans:

  • Business start-up tools
  • Business loan programs
  • Discount franchise-ownership opportunities
  • Resources for disabled Veterans
  • Counseling services that expedite small business loan processing (in as little as 36 hours)
  • Partnership resources from some of the biggest American companies including Walmart and Microsoft
  • A single agency that coordinates Government small business support programs
  • Advocacy groups that champion the interests of Veteran businesses
  • Government registry of Veteran-owned businesses to ensure Vets receive their fair share of government contracts

Military Veteran Entrepreneurs lists resources available for
ANYONE starting a business:

  • Information on government grants
  • A nationwide pool of successful business mentors
  • Local and online workshops teaching everything about starting a business
  • Organizations that provide business start-up loans at the best interest rates
  • New ways to fund small businesses with microloans, crowdfunding and social networks
  • Where to find FREE business management tools including word processing, accounting and business presentation software

Stop Searching. Start Learning.

This guide gives you the basics on starting your own Internet business:

  • Options for structuring your business
  • Requirements for a business plan
  • Where to find Angel Investors and Venture Capital
  • Why patent, copyright and trademark protection is important
  • Options for accepting credit and debit card payments on line
  • How to protect your business from hackers and pirates
  • Introduction to the latest Internet tools like the Cloud, apps and mobile payment technology
  • How to design your own website
  • The importance of keywords to Internet searches
  • What to do with videos beyond YouTube
  • Why email is back and more important than ever
  • Why customer service has to be your number one priority (if you want to stay in business)



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Jeff Powell

My name is Jeff Powell. After serving my country, I faced many personal and financial demons, but I wouldn’t let them get in my way. One thing I knew for certain: the rest of my life was going to be dedicated to serving others.

This book is about freedom - what owning a business can mean to the rest of your life.

If I can answer ANY questions, send me
an email:

In Service & Gratitude,
             Jeff Powell,
U.S. Navy Dis. Ret.

Military Veteran Entrepreneur

"We thought we knew what it would take to start a business. This book was a real eye-opener."

Michell J., U.S. Navy

Marshall J., U.S. Air Force

Military Veteran Entrepreneur
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